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Corporate services

We offer a range of financial planning advice to companies and organisations, including employee benefit schemes, pension related services, group insurance, affinity group packages, and corporate tax planning.

Our ability to retain the loyalty of our existing clients has made us one of the largest and most respected international financial advisory groups in Europe.

Employee benefit schemes

Recruit and retain the right personnel with flexible plans for group life insurance, pensions, health insurance, and other benefits. Find out more

Pension and provident schemes

Recruit and retain high quality staff with simple, attractive, and easy to administer group pension schemes. Find out more

Pension transfer

Advice on the bulk transfer of employee pension benefits for companies and organisations, including EU Commission employees. Find out more

Group insurance

Special group deals on a range of international insurance products, including life, critical illness, disability, health, and liability insurance Find out more

Affinity groups

Special group deals for company employees and members of clubs and associations on a range of financial products. Find out more

Key person and partnership insurance

Protect your business from the damaging consequences of the death or permanent disability of a key member of your organisation. Find out more

International companies, trusts and tax planning

Reduce your organisation's tax liability with careful tax planning and ongoing management. Find out more