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Pension transfer

If you need to arrange bulk transfer of employee pension benefits, or give advice to your staff on this subject, we are qualified to help you. Our consultants provide pension transfer advice to large corporations, major institutions such as the EU Commission, and small-to-medium sized companies.

The EU directive on the free movement of capital has allowed people to take control of their pension and move it abroad into a qualifying, recognised scheme:

  • QROPS for UK pension transfers - Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme
  • European equivalent of QROPS for other countries within the EU

With 30 years' experience of international pension planning, our senior consultants can advise your employees on whether pension transfer is right for them, taking into account an employee's personal and financial circumstances. We can also take care of all the paperwork for you.

EU Commission pensions

We have been approved by the EU Commission to provide advice to its employees on pension transfer, having met the Commission's strict requirements. If you need to arrange bulk transfer of EU employee pension benefits, or give your staff advice on this topic, we can assist you.

EU Commission personnel with less than 10 years' service are obliged to transfer their pension benefits. We offer a range of attractive, recognised pension schemes - through our international providers - for Commission employees to transfer benefits into. All products are available on a worldwide basis.

Click here to arrange a time to discuss pension transfer - without obligation Conversations will be conducted in your own language.

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