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Summertime & Dreams Turning to Retirement?

Summertime & Dreams Turning to Retirement?

Some 17 summers ago I found myself forced to take early retirement because of ill health. Since then I must have got through the best part of a million euros one way or another.

Having suffered from a serious illness back in 1986, which took a year out of my life and a serious chunk out of my career and business, my retirement funds were nowhere near the magic million by 2003 and annuity yields were continuing to fall.

Fortunately I had a critical illness policy which, after nearly a year of wrangling involving the Ombudsman, helped fill part of the shortfall, only to be hit by the financial crisis of 2007-9. Having made a good recovery, thanks mostly to American tech. stocks, what was left of my funds then took a hit from the COVID-19 pandemic and they still have a little way to go to full recovery, while yields continue to fall and in some cases drop into negative territory.

The purpose of telling you this is not to seek sympathy but to illustrate just how many things can upset your retirement plans at any time and the importance, therefore, of having a robust, flexible and determined financial plan for your future.

In the good old days, after completing 50 years of sterling service with the same employer, you were given your gold watch and a guaranteed pension to take home to your pipe and slippers and that was that. Today, the only person responsible for ensuring you have enough to live on in retirement is you. So if you want your summer time dreams to come true call us when you get back from the beach.

Until we meet again.

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