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Preferential foreign exchange services for clients of Professional Investment Consultants

Professional Investment Consultants are delighted to bring a new service to you via Moneycorp, a foreign exchange specialist company established over 30 years. As a valued client of PIC you will benefit from special terms negotiated with Moneycorp to bring you substantial savings on all your foreign currency exchanges & requirements. For further information read on:

International payments

Do you have international payments to make?

Moneycorp can help you to buy the foreign currency that you need and to make international payments on your behalf. Regardless of the size of the payment or payments that you have to send, ensuring that the process is fast, highly cost-effective and hassle free.

Finding you the best exchange rates

Moneycorp, as foreign exchange and international payment specialist, find you the best exchange rates available.

Maximising the currency you receive

Moneycorp market experts will help you to right time. Currency markets are constantly on the move and exchange rates go up and down throughout the day. Knowing what factors affect these market movements Moneycorp will help you to trade when exchange rates are in your favour, maximising the currency you receive. Plus, you won't pay any commission or receiving bank charges when sending funds overseas, making their transfer fees some of the lowest around.

Providing peace of mind

Moneycorp use the most secure, reliable methods available to make your international payments. You can be confident that your money will arrive where you need it, when you need it.

Direct contact with your Account Manager

As a PIC client you will be assigned a personal Account Manager directly, to discuss your trade. To make the decision that is best for you, you need to understand how it all works and why you will benefit from using a specialist. Your Account Manager will use everyday language, not technical jargon, to help you to make that decision.

Why use Moneycorp instead of your bank when transferring money overseas?

To open an online trading facility or learn more information click HERE.

Because you'll benefit from:

  • Better exchange rates - buying you more currency!
  • Direct access to a dedicated team of experts
  • Fast transfers, low fees
  • No commission or receiving bank charges
  • Guaranteed exchange rate for up to 24 months

To contact your PIC consultant to discuss the service in further detail click HERE.