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International term life insurance for expatriates

If you are living and working abroad you can get international term life insurance to protect your family financially. Should the worst happen to you.

With over 65 years' experience insuring people who live outside their home country, Clements Worldwide offers portable term life insurance. Term options range from one to ten years.

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Key features of Clements' term life insurance cover:

  • Low fixed premiums throughout the term of the policy
  • No medical underwriting for policies up to USD 500,000
  • Portable financial protection that you can take with you if you change jobs, retire, or move anywhere in the world. The policy even applies if you return to your home country
  • Benefits as high as 10 times annual salary, up to USD 4 million
  • Coverage against death as a result of illness, accidents, acts of war and terrorism, and political violence *
  • Underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's
  • Flexible payment plans and 1 to 10 year terms available

*Limits and restrictions apply.

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How term life insurance works
Term life insurance pays out a lump sum for your loved ones if the policy holder dies during the term.

Am I eligible for a term life insurance policy?
Expats and non-income earning spouses of expats, aged 18-65 are eligible. However, it is required that expats are employed for a minimum of the first six months of the term life insurance policy.

How much coverage should I get?
According to the Life Insurance and Market Research Association, experts recommend that you have enough life insurance to replace your income for 7 to 10 years. However, each person is encouraged to calculate their beneficiaries' future financial needs. Several factors (such as age, number of children, mortgages, income, etc.) need to be considered in order to determine the appropriate amount of life insurance coverage. Clements Worldwide offers a policy with no medical test required up to USD 500,000. For individuals requiring coverage over USD 500,000, a doctor's medical report must be submitted for underwriting approval. Under the Clements' plan, coverage up to USD 4 million is available with 1- to 10-year terms.

After my term life insurance application is accepted, how long will it be before I receive proof of insurance?
Your Certificate of Insurance will be emailed within one business day. In addition, a hard copy can be posted to you upon request.

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